Osteopathy in BromleyOsteopathy is a system of treatments recognised by the British Medical Association and N.I.C.E (National Institute of Clinical Excellence). Trained Osteopathic practitioners work with the body’s structure and function in assisting recovery from a variety of different medical conditions. Denise Callaghan treats patients with a number of conditions including:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck and upper back pain
  • Peripheral joint pain (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, foot)
  • Workplace strains
  • Sports injuries
  • Backache of pregnancy
  • Symptoms of chronic conditions, e.g., asthma, arthritis
  • Stiffness associated with wear and tear
  • Effects of trauma, e.g., whiplash
  • Period pain
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • postural problems and many more

Osteopathy recognises the relationship between human structure and function. Osteopathic practitioners realise that the body needs to be structurally sound in order to function properly. When structural or mechanical problems occur the normal function of the body is impaired and illness can result. Denise Callaghan examines and treats such abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system in order to improve function and restore health.

Osteopathic treatment has beneficial effects on all the body systems. A lesion in a spinal joint can cause disturbance in the nervous system, the circulatory system, the glandular system and may affect the function of distant organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach and so on. On the other hand, an organ, which is not functioning properly, can and often does bring about changes in the activity of the spinal structures by reflex action. As the body is a unit, correcting structural derangements will consequently improve the function of all body systems. People who suffer from emotional and mental stress derive great benefit from periodic osteopathic treatment.

As a fully qualified Osteopathic practitioner with over 25 years experience, Denise Callaghan is a specialist in the field. She uses a variety of techniques to suit each patient’s needs including Direct Soft Tissue Techniques, electrotherapy, articulation & Thrust Techniques. Countless patients have testified to the great benefits experienced through Denise’s extensive range of treatments. The Denise Callaghan Osteopathic clinic also treats patients with insurance or personal injury claims.

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Here are just some of the techniques employed by Denise Callaghan:

Direct Soft Tissue Techniques
The soft tissues treated directly by osteopaths are the muscles, ligaments, fascia and tendons, which attach to and cover the skeleton. Soft tissues can be affected by postural strain, injury or disease. Denise Callaghan uses a sense of palpation to determine the condition of the soft tissues and to diagnose exactly which structures are involved. The techniques involved may feel like a general message, but only those tissues that need treatment are handled. Soft tissue can be carried out manually, by G5, electrical differential therapy and/ or faradism. Denise Callaghan is fully qualified in all of these areas and has extensive experience in each.

This involves the gentle and sometimes deep movement of joints, to improve their mobility.

Thrust Technique
This is a form of manipulation where Denise applies a high velocity and low amplitude thrust to restore specific joint motion. The technique aims to regain the joints normal range of motion and re-set neural reflexes. The procedure reduces the physical signs of somatic dysfunction; tissue changes, asymmetry, restriction of motion and tenderness.

Muscle Energy Technique
With this technique the patient is directed to use his or her muscles from a precise position and in a specific direction against a counterforce applied by Denise. The purpose is to restore motion, decrease muscle/tissue changes and modify asymmetry of somatic dysfunction.

The counterstrain technique is a manual procedure in which the patient is moved passively away from the restricted motion barrier, towards the position of greatest comfort. At this point, passive, asymptomatic strain is induced. This technique is used for relief of somatic dysfunctions that are too acute or too delicate to treat with other procedures.

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“Something like twelve years ago I found Denise Callaghan after being advised to try osteopathy for a severe work related back problem. On the first visit to Denise’s clinic she quickly discovered what was wrong and through manipulation and other treatment began to correct the problem. Further visits were required and after each one there was significant improvement. Eventually I was able to move about free of pain. Because it was work related the problem has reoccurred a few times over the years. Each time I have visited the clinic and Denise, along with her friendly and capable staff, have put it right. I would highly recommend that if you are in pain then get yourself round to see Denise. What this lady doesn’t know about the structure of the body and how to treat it isn’t worth knowing.”

Trevor Saunders

“On finding myself totally unable to move my head or neck, it was recommended that I visit Denise Callaghan an Osteopath based in Orpington and Bromley. Denise fitted me in to her Orpington surgery that day and made me exceptionally welcome and at ease. Her initial examination showed that the neck was so badly seized that the best option was acupuncture. Denise was professional at all times, recommending the best course of treatment and exercises to do in between appointments. The second appointment again started with acupuncture, then manipulation as the neck had released slightly and was finished with massage. Denise’s’ staff checked which of the surgeries would be more convenient for me and further appointments were at Bromley for ease of access. All staff were welcoming and understanding of the pain that I was in. It took four treatments from Denise to ease the neck, but I was fully aware that these treatments were necessary and no way surplus to requirements. I would and actually have recommended Denise to others for her professionalism and compassion – first class service!!”

Helen Freer

“I have been consulting Denise for many years. She knows how active I am and has kept me mobile, in spite of various knee and back problems, because of her wonderful needles. I have also recommended her to various other people who have also been delighted. I don?t know what I would do without her. Thank you for everything Denise.”

Madeleine Swift

Madeleine Swift

“Thanks Denise- My knees are finally back to normal and I can return to playing football. I highly recommend Osteopathy if you are suffering from any sports injuries-both the Osteopathy and Acupuncture has really helped me out!”

Mark Bates

“I was always caught between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy as I didn?t know which was better- after receiving both, I have to say that it was the Osteopathy that got me back on track when I got whiplash after the car accident. Denise and her staff were so supportive and friendly I would definitely come back and send others here.”

Neil Marks


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