Feeling SAD? Acupuncture can help with seasonal affective disorder

If you feel down during the darker autumn and winter months – you’re not imagining it. The weather can have a big impact on our mood. In fact, so much so, there is a diagnosis for it and it’s called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that returns in a seasonal […]

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Is Osteopathy the answer for the walking wounded?

There’s not been a great deal of good news in 2020 but for the humble art of walking, it has been a revolutionary year.  “It’s all we could do.” I hear you cry.  That’s as maybe but figures published in October show that between May and July 2020, 39% of people said they were walking more.  […]

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Pregnancy plans derailed by 2020? Have you considered Acupuncture?

COVID has, understandably, dominated the headlines in 2020.  But outside the hand washing, distancing and mask wearing, people still have plans.  And, for some, this may include having a baby. Sadly, around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving. And with NHS fertility services having been suspended for a period earlier this year, some […]

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Back pain, backpacks and back to school


After much debate and discourse, the schools are finally back.  It’s all very different of course – with bubbles, one-way systems, distancing, masks and sanitiser.  Many schools are advising that pupils make less use of their lockers – taking books and equipment home each night in case they need to isolate, or a local lockdown […]

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Knee Pain

For the past few weeks I have been suffering from pain in my knees — alas osteopaths aren’t immune from aches and pains! I think the soreness in my knees is a result of my makeshift lockdown gym, but it has got me thinking about this most important and delicate of joints… The knee is […]

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Nutrition for fertility


Across my work treating fertility issues, a question I am regularly asked is “what should I eat to help me fall pregnant”. Just as stress levels, sleep and emotional health can have major impacts on your hormonal balance, circulation, cell ageing — and, therefore, fertility — so can your diet. Acupuncture for fertility courses that […]

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How things have changed!


It was the end of January that Elizabeth and I were in Cambodia.  At the time the people of Cambodia were upset that this new coronavirus was affecting tourism from China.  Within days of us being in the country, the borders with China were closed.  When we travelled home all the cabin crew were wearing […]

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