Neck pain can be caused by a number of factors – Sports injuries, keeping the neck turned in one direction for too long, sleeping with too high or low pillows, stress, or turning too quickly. I work to aid neck pain in my patients by means of manipulation, ultrasound, electrotherapy, soft tissue technique and the spinulator to name but a few. The manipulation of locked joints frees the neck and results in improving the range of movement in it which in turn solves the problem of neck pain.

The other techniques that were previously mentioned such as electrotherapy and ultra sound, work to aid the neck pain resulting in reducing inflammation; reducing the stiffness of joints; decreasing muscle spasm and an improving blood and lymph supply. According to a study conducted by The International Journal for Osteopathic Medicine, people with chronic or severe neck pain found that after a proper course of Osteopathic treatment, they felt significantly less pain in the neck area and reductions were evident regardless of the chronicity of the pain. Patients also found that they had better flexibility in their necks. The official study drew the conclusion that Osteopathic treatment is likely to be effective for the management of neck pain.

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I was always caught between Osteopathy and Physiotherapy as I didn’t know which was better- after receiving both, I have to say that it was the Osteopathy that got me back on track when I got whiplash after the car accident. Denise and her staff were so supportive and friendly I would definitely come back and send others here

Neil Marks

“Recently an old shoulder problem resulted in considerable pain and lack of mobility. Previous experience of this problem had resulted in the need for hospital treatment so when this injury reoccurred recently, it was a cause of some concern.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to discuss the problem with Denise Callaghan, who has practiced Osteopathy and acupuncture for over 25 years. A visit to Denise’s practice was arranged and after a number of visits, I am delighted to say that I haven’t experienced such freedom of movement with this shoulder for many years.

A visit to Denise’s practice is a relaxing experience and her friendly staff reflects the professionalism and care that Denise brings to her work.

So, My thanks to Denise and her team and I would unreservedly advise anyone suffering similar ailments that really help is at hand. Denise’s business card is one I shall never throw away.”

Paul Grant

“After receiving a short course of treatment from Denise, my back pain began to get noticeably better and I was able to return to work and normal every day routines in no time! I would highly recommend this treatment to any one that suffers from a bad back, it really helped change my life.”

Jane Dunn


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