Electrotherapy in BromleyDenise Callaghan is trained in the use of Electrotherapy and this particular treatment is used extensively in both clinics to treat a vast range of conditions. There are specific forms of Electrotherapy that Denise Callaghan specialises in. These include:


Ultrasound is a form of wave motion, at a higher frequency than audible sound. The waves are specifically suited to therapeutic applications, as they can be concentrated into a beam and directed at an object like a ray of light. Heat is generated in the tissues when the ultrasonic energy is converted in to friction. This heat, concentrated in a relatively small area deep in the body tissues, leads to a decrease in pain, a reduction in joint stiffness, decreased muscle spasm, and an improved blood and lymph system.

Ultrasound is used to treat conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ligament strain/tear, Tendonitis and much more…

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The Spinulator

Since its introduction to the osteopathic profession in 1937, the spinulator has been used as an adjunct to the osteopaths own manual manipulation skills. Many osteopaths, including Denise Callaghan use the roller articulator of the spinulator to improve the mobility of hypomobile joints. This leads to positive articulatory changes, which improve the body’s integrity; reducing maladaption and strain.

Treatment with G5

G5 relaxes the superficial soft tissues. The speed of its vibrations affects nerve conduction, reducing referred nerve pain. It can also be used in the treatment of chronic swelling. The vibrations have beneficial effects on circulation and nutrition by invigorating arteries, veins, lymphatics and nerves.

Electrical Differential Therapy

There are five therapy modes available with the electrical differential therapy. They are: low frequency therapy, interferential therapy, middle frequency therapy, Endosan therapy and direct current therapy. These therapies combine together in different ways depending on the program setting to produce various effects.

The therapies are used to reduce pain or inflammation with the added effect of muscle stimulation through muscle relaxation/strengthening.

Treatment with therapuetic faradism

By changing frequencies and amplitude of therapuetic faradism, it can either relax or strengthen tissues. At certain frequencies therapuetic faradism can stimulate circulation, improve nerve conduction and reduce swelling and pain.

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“I have recently been seeing Denise for problems with my back and can honestly say that I am starting to feel much better. She has worked extensively on my back with her hands and an assortment of specialist equipment.

Denise was able to see my young daughter at short notice and quickly diagnosed ligament damage. My daughter is currently undergoing treatment and is improving rapidly.

I am very happy with all of the treatments so far and I would have no hesitation in recommending Denise to anyone who needs help.”


“During a period of intense stress I suffered an attack of Bell’s Palsy which I didn’t realize until too late. I was devastated when I noticed that one side of my face had ‘fallen’ I met Denise Callaghan and embarked on a regime of acupuncture and electrotherapy. The impact has been amazing! I am thrilled that the treatment has restored my face to near normal and this has given me the incentive to continue with the treatment; we?re aiming for perfection!!!”

Jo Keyes

Jo Keyes

“As a qualified solicitor based in Catford, I feel that I am qualified to give this testimonial.

For a long time I was troubled with a very painful wrist, which was mostly from overuse of a computer. At times my wrist was so painful that I could not bear any weight on it at all and getting dressed was becoming a struggle.

After just a few visits with Denise the change was remarkable! As a very active scout leader I was greatly inhibited by the pain but through electrotherapy and manipulation I was back putting up tents, sailing and running games. I have not been troubled with pain since.

I would thoroughly recommend Denise to anyone; she is highly knowledgeable and experienced in her field having undergone a remarkable list of training. Her calm nature makes you feel immediately at ease and I even looked forward to my appointments.”

Kirstie Edmondson


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