Acupuncture — a key part of your pregnancy planning?

It’s no secret that acupuncture has been a tried and tested Chinese medicine used for years (and years) to relieve pain.

From back pain to joint paint and neck pain to nerve pain, this age-old healing practice can even help to relieve stress.

But that’s not where the benefits of acupuncture stop.

Osteopath Denise Callaghan, who has been working in the industry for more than 30 years, also uses acupuncture for fertility (for both men and women) to help improve a range of symptoms.

So, how does acupuncture for fertility work?

We know that getting pregnant isn’t always easy. According to the NHS, around 1 in 7 couples in the UK may have difficulty conceiving — and this could be down to a number of reasons including lifestyle factors, like stress.

But that’s where acupuncture can help. Denise explains: “I routinely use acupuncture to help restore the free flow of energy (Chi) throughout the body and unlock better mental and physical wellness. This applies as much to men as to women.”

It’s been proven that acupuncture can:

“Both men and women who have come for me to who have come in for acupuncture, often after several years of trying to conceive, have fallen pregnant afterwards,” Denise adds.

Can you have acupuncture throughout pregnancy?

Acupuncture can also be beneficial throughout the pregnancy, helping to reduce nausea and tension as well as maintain the correct flow of uterine blood flow to meet the baby’s needs.

Aches and pains can also be a common occurrence in pregnancy as your body changes to accommodate a growing baby. For example, you might be dealing with back, pelvic pain or even joint paint as your body grows and gets used to carrying your baby.

And there’s evidence to support this. One piece of research, published in the 2022 British Medical Journal concluded: “Acupuncture significantly improved pain, functional status and quality of life in women with LBPP during the pregnancy.”

What our clients have to say

One client, Camilla, writes: “I initially saw Denise for acupuncture for fertility treatment pre and during my first IVF cycle in 2020 and honestly credit her expertise in this area for my successful pregnancy.

“My little boy also saw Denise for cranial osteopathy a few months after he was born which worked wonders. Her knowledge and kindness make you feel very at ease, and I am currently seeing her again for IVF round 2. Thank you so much Denise for all your help and guidance.”

Need a little help?

Denise is trained with the renowned Zita West fertility clinic in London. This offers a whole-body centred and holistic approach, encompassing IVF treatment, preconception planning and help with boosting natural fertility.

Just last year Denise Callaghan completed a one-year diploma course in Fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics to update and further improve her knowledge in the treatment of fertility issues.

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