Getting pregnant – an uphill struggle?

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. Nowadays, more people than ever before need help to boost their fertility. But not, it seems, if you live in Walford and are called Mitchell! There anything’s possible, either end of the reproductive scale, with hapless Phil’s 17-year-old on-screen daughter Louise and wife Sharon, 50, both expecting.

And Lacey Turner who plays Stacey is once again pregnant in real life after overcoming the disappointment of two miscarriages. So, TV viewers are faced with two completely opposite (and unlikely) scenarios: EastEnders’ baby fest vs the dystopian childlessness portrayed in The Handmaid’s Tale, now back on TV for a 3rd season…

Falling birth rate

I know that I’m blessed, having given birth to two beautiful daughters, now grown up, and sympathise deeply with couples who find it difficult to conceive. Social change is as much to blame as anything else. Since the 1980s the birth rate has been falling steadily, partly because couples are delaying starting a family – the number of first-time mothers over 35 has doubled – or choosing not to have children at all. It doesn’t help that problems with conception don’t always become apparent until the late 30s or early 40s, the very same time when the success rates of techniques such as IVF start to drop.

Infertility affects both sexes. Sperm counts among western men have halved since the 1980s and are falling by around 1.4% a year with no definite cause. Even the World Health Organisation is baffled, describing current knowledge of male infertility as ‘very low’.

How acupuncture can help

But at least we’re more open about infertility and awareness is growing of the various treatment options available for couples. In my clinic, I routinely use the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture which can help to restore the free flow of energy (Chi) throughout the body and unlock better mental and physical wellness. This applies as much to men as to women. In men, some studies have shown that acupuncture brings about important changes in the quality and motility (movement) of sperm. I offer lifestyle advice, too, to help both sexes maximise the chance of conception.

I also trained (and have an affiliation) with the renowned Zita West fertility clinic in London. This offers a whole-body centred and holistic approach, encompassing IVF treatment, preconception planning and help with boosting natural fertility. I’m delighted to say that over the years, women who have come in for acupuncture, often after several years of trying to conceive, have fallen pregnant soon afterwards. Acupuncture can also be beneficial throughout the pregnancy, helping to reduce nausea and tension as well as maintain the correct flow of uterine blood flow to meet the baby’s needs.

What our clients say

Jemma Smith writes: “Denise treated me for 3 months before I fell pregnant and then leading up to giving birth.

My fertility history had a been a sad one with one failed miscarriage after another including an ectopic pregnancy and 2 rounds of failed IVF. I went to Denise, knowing she was Zita West affiliated, with the hope of one, preparing my body to fall pregnant again and secondly to help maintain my pregnancy.

After weekly, sometimes twice weekly acupuncture sessions for about 3 months I fell pregnant for the 5th time. The first trimester was a tense time, but I firmly believe I wouldn’t be here now with my baby boy if I hadn’t had Denise’s help and support with the acupuncture.

I am now visiting the clinic again for cranial therapy for my son as he was a ventouse delivery. This has helped immensely; he is now a very very happy little boy and I’m a very happy mum! Many thanks to Denise, you have helped make our world complete!”

If you’re already pregnant and would like to relieve aches and pains, or are men and women who are trying to conceive, please get in touch to see how I can help you.


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