How things have changed!


It was the end of January that Elizabeth and I were in Cambodia.  At the time the people of Cambodia were upset that this new coronavirus was affecting tourism from China.  Within days of us being in the country, the borders with China were closed.  When we travelled home all the cabin crew were wearing masks and gloves; like everyone else, we thought that they were being over cautious.  As we know, in England not having been accustomed to such serious contagious infections, little was done — we didn’t think that we were facing a pandemic!! Now we are in lockdown and we have a new vocabulary: Covid 19, social distancing, “covidiots”!

As an osteopath I am considered a key worker and have changed the way I practice to support all of you. Public Health England recommends the use of gloves and surgical masks, I also request that everyone who comes to the practice wears a mask, in order to reduce the spread of infection and protect my vulnerable patients. Patients rarely meet and when they do social distancing is implemented. I no longer use plinth covers and the rooms and door handles are washed and disinfected between patients. I follow the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guidelines published by the UK government, as it is important to reduce the spread of this very contagious disease.

I was told by someone involved with infection control that the coronavirus cannot live on brass, apparently that was also true of the Spanish Flu, in consequence the 1920’s had the fashion of brass door knobs. I am taking many course webinars during this time of lockdown and I have discussed some of the findings in the newsletter and further blogs.

I do hope all of you are keeping well in this period of lockdown, please contact me to say hello or to discuss any issues that you may have.



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